Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KKT At Catholic University Last Week

I just learned this today from the Cardinal Newman Society.  Last week the "katholyc" pro-abortion Kathleen Kennedy Townsend gave an address at Catholic University, sponsored by the local College Democrats chapter.

Naturally she agitated for women's ordination and for popular selection of bishops and the pope.  If you didn't think her bloviations could become more nonsensical, well, you're in for a treat!  Here are some of the cow-pies that we "missed" when she became the first Democrat in decades to lose a MD gubernatorial election.
  • She bemoaned the fact that it's difficult for her, as a Catholic Democrat, to be able to speak at Catholic institutions - real ones, that is.  Well, no KKT, that's not it at all!  It's because you forfeited all moral credibility by supporting baby-murder
  • Speaking of that topic, she tried to dance around it by saying that when Dems are elected, the rates of abortion go down!  (Wait!  There's more!)  "And why is that?", she opines.  Why, "it's because of the safety net ensured by the Democrats' higher taxes!"  What sane person can make up this crap??  At least she admits that higher taxes come from the progressives!
  • When asked why Catholics tend to be conservative, she replied that as people become wealthier, they become conservative.  Nonsense!  Her own family is one of considerable means - yet they are among the most flamboyant of liberals.  Another little fact, if you don't mind!  If by "conservative" you mean for a smaller government, it's because we who take our faith seriously understand the inherent tyranny of government grown huge and arrogant and yes, atheistic.
The Cardinal Newman Society did challenge the CUA administration regarding Townsend's appearance on campus.  The administration did some hand-washing, which ended with this sentence: "To more fully develop their moral character and critical thinking skills, our students need to hear and discuss  diverse views, even some with which they disagree."  Well, things aren't quite that simplistic.  To develop their moral and intellectual skills, they need to be taught the unambiguous truths of their Faith.   When folks like Townsend come spouting off "women's ordination" nonsense, they need to understand that such is heresy, not merely a "diverse view".  Now my question is how does the CUA plan to provide antidote for the poison that Townsend was allowed to spew?


  1. Donald Wuerl, instrumental in Garvey's appt. to CUA (and also to MCC panel no doubt), was “priest secretary” to John Wright [originally from Massachusetts]:
    "In 1968, for instance, Cardinal O'Boyle of Washington disciplined nineteen of his priests who had challenged the teaching of Paul 23 VI's recently issued encyclical Humanae Vitae upholding the Church's position on the unlawfulness of contraception. The priests appealed to Rome and, three years later, under pressure from the head of the Congregation for the Clergy [John Wright], Cardinal O'Boyle reinstated those of the original nineteen who had not by this time left the priesthood. None of them was required to make a public retraction."
    This is the same John Wright who remarked in 1967 when Cardinal O'Boyle appealed to the Bishops Congregation on Doctrine chaired by Bishop Zaleski to get Curran suspended from CUA:
    "Three committee members found fault with Curran's teaching, charging, for example, that the priest was encouraging hedonism, causing scandal to the uninformed faithful, and encouraging dissent. None, however, accused him of heresy. One committee member, Bishop Wright, noted that his views were "relatively temperate" compared to some other theologians in both Europe and North America whom church authorities had left alone (Curran and some of his defenders had made the same point during the height of the spring controversy)."
    From: A "FINAL DISPOSITION . . . ONE WAY OR ANOTHER": THE REAL END OF THE FIRST CURRAN AFFAIR" The Catholic Historical Review , October 1, 2005 | Thomas, Samuel J
    A year after his dissent from Humanae Vitae, Charles Curran became president of the Catholic Theological Society of America. Curran was finally fired from CUA in the 1980s.
    Bishop Zaleski transferring pedophile priests go here:
    You can read about Cardinal Wright's homosexuality and abuse of male children here:

    Cardinal O’Malley of Boston has been appointed to chair the bishops’ “pro-life” activities. No doubt Fr. Pavone will remain under lock and key.

    It’s not Religious Liberty these prelates and their hirelings are interested in, but taxpayer cash.

  2. Hope this answers your question re: the seriousness of the MD bishops' campaign for religious liberty. First thing I noticed when clicking on CS link was John Garvey's picture ("John Garvey, the president of the Catholic University of America, chaired the Maryland Catholic Conference’s Religious Liberty Task Force, a panel of experts that provided input to Maryland’s bishops for their statement on religious freedom.")
    This is the John Garvey who came to CUA via Boston College Law School home state of Kennedys:
    "In 2007, Mr. Garvey was criticized by the Cardinal Newman Society when the law school named as its commencement speaker Rep. Edward J. Markey, an abortion proponent with a 100% 'pro-choice' voting record. “Congressman Ed Markey is one of the most distinguished graduates of Boston College Law School, whose career of public service reflects the very best values and traditions of the School,” said Mr. Garvey. “I don't believe Boston College has ever had a better friend in the United States Congress than Ed Markey.”
    "According to federal election records, Mr. Garvey made three donations to Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, whose support for abortion led 14 bishops to state during the 2004 presidential campaign that they would deny him Holy Communion. In June 2002, Mr. Garvey donated $250 to the Kerry Committee; in March 2003, he donated $1,000 to John Kerry for President, Inc.; and in April 2004, he donated $500 to John Kerry for President, Inc."
    "Rather than praising Fitzgibbon’s public defense of a Catholic teaching, Dean Garvey wrote that Fitzgibbon’s “public statements represent his own opinions … and do not state any official position of Boston College Law School.”
    We also have faculty members who hold a contrary view, which they too are free to express publicly,” he wrote. “Many have done so while referring to themselves as BC Law professors. One of them has publicly led the fight to oppose the Solomon Amendment on the grounds that it is an affront to gay and lesbian students and prospective members of the U.S. military. Others have taken controversial positions on such subjects as abortion, euthanasia, and the treatment of detainees.”
    Three days after Fitzgibbon’s pro-traditional marriage ad aired, a group of 76 “Individual Faculty and Administrators at Boston College Law School,” including Dean Garvey, issued the following statement : “The undersigned members of the faculty and administration at Boston College Law School feel that it is important to reaffirm our belief in the equality of all of our students. We are proud of the fact that Boston College Law School was one of the first law schools in the country to include sexual orientation in its non-discrimination pledge, and we reaffirm our commitment to making our institution a welcome and safe place for all students, including LGBT students.”


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