Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How Catholic Charities Is Prostituting Itself

A friend of mine brought this article to my attention.  Although it's eleven years old, it is still quite informative regarding the sorry state of affairs in Catholic Charities.  The author makes plain that a century ago, Catholic social teaching emphasized personal morality as key to bettering one's life situation.  Indeed, many social indicators even today show that the greatest predictor of poverty for a person is a childhood that lacks the person's biological mother and father being married.

The lure of easy money from the government induced Catholic Charities to voluntarily silence its moral voice.  During the 1960s it placed itself under the influence of progressive Alinskyite influences.  During their 1972 annual meeting, Catholic Charities formalized the abandonment of any emphasis on personal morality and responsibility.

Anyone who's been reading this blog for some time knows of the myriad of problems with Catholic Charities:
Catholic Charities currently receives over 60% of its income in government grants and subsidies.  From this fact and those stated above, we see that Catholic Charities has been neutered of its soul - and I think irreparably.

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