Friday, December 2, 2011

Aww C'Mon, Nancy! Make Up Your Mind Already!!

Yesterday during a press conference, Nancy Pelosi dismissed the Catholic bishops' attempts to keep Obamacare from forcing Catholics to participate in baby-killing vis-a-vis coverage for abortifacients.  She dismissed the bishops as mere "lobbyists in DC".  (A video is below.) 

Such was not her attitude a mere 18 months ago, when she urged the Church to play a "major role" in immigration reform.  In fact, she was encouraging pastors to preach from the pulpit about the matter. 

So do we sense some inconsistency, some contradiction here?  On the one hand, she dismisses the moral voice of the Church.  On the other hand, she seeks to exploit it as (wait for this!) a tool to "lobby their congregations", as it were.  Yes, there is inconsistency, but she (like other progressives) doesn't really give a rat's rump about that!

The modus operandi is to exploit the clergy when they find it convenient, and when the clergy start acting like men of God and calling the progressives on the carpet, why, they'll do all they can to dismiss (and even intimidate) them.  "Pope" Pelosi's little shenanigans are simply par for the course!

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