Sunday, December 18, 2011

USCCB Designates January As "Poverty Awareness Month"

Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, who champions the much-disgraced "Catholic Campaign for Human Development", announced a media campaign to "promote a better understanding of poverty in America" according to this Catholic News Agency Report.  If I am to believe this report, it seems that this campaign is full of errors.  Frankly, given the CCHD's abysmal record, the report sounds all-too-typical of the CCHD.  Wait!  Here's the USCCB site itself!

Bishop Soto's statement starts with, "Our culture of life begins with a love that binds us to the hopes and joys, the struggles and the sorrows of people, especially those who are poor or any way afflicted."  It actually starts with God's commandments, particularly those regarding the engenderment of life.  There is no "culture of life" when the unborn child is torn from his/her mother's womb to die a brutal death.   There is no "culture of life" when the faculty by which life is engendered, that is, sexuality within marriage, is abused.  There is no "culture of life" when the sick or elderly are subjected to a clarion call to end their own lives.  The Culture of Life must begin with the protection of all innocent life against these fatal attacks that are now legally sanctioned in much of the world.  Any calls for "binding with the poor", such as Bishop Soto puts forth, must occupy a lower priority.

He continues the error by stating, "We march with immigrant families toward a society made stronger and safer by their inclusion. We embrace the mother and her unborn child, giving to both of them hope and opportunity..."  Notice the order of priorities!  The good bishop has it precisely ass-backwards!    He is also regurgitating the discredited "seamless garment" tripe.

You might remember the report on the CCHD that was produced by the American Life League.  The USCCB tried to discredit it - and failed miserably.  I picked apart the USCCB statement; read here.  I mention it because Bishop Soto, as head of that office, would have had input, perhaps control of the USCCB statement.

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