Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Criticism Of Islam To Be A Crime?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton seems to be cozying up to the Organization for Islamic Cooperation to explore ways and means to criminalize the criticism of Islam.  Much has to do with United Nations Resolution 16/18, according to this report.

In some ways, it could sound like something far-fetched in the United States, where we ostensibly enjoy First Amendment freedom of speech (unless you're one of those Daniel Glowacki types mentioned in my previous post; then you're eligible to be squashed like a bug, should you dare to open your mouth).

Well, comes now another report, this one from the little pow-wow that Clinton hosted for the OIC this week.  Andrea Lafferty of Traditional Values Coalition was in attendance and voiced some of the same concerns that I have.  She was soon circled by several members of Clinton's security staff and whisked away.  It seems that an "anonymous phone call" identified Ms. Lafferty as a "security threat".  She is taking action and is trying to identify this caller; I'm willing to bet his/her initials are HRC.  At any rate, Ms Lafferty found that her concerns were unmistakably validated - as are those of us all.

We will continue to broadcast news of such travesties as we are advised of them.  The First Amendment is a "use it or lose it" right.  Moreover, we know that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.  Too many decent people have been asleep at the switch too long.  It's way past time to wake up.

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