Friday, December 2, 2011

Newt!! Say What???!!??

If this Lifenews article is accurate, Newt Gingrich has destroyed any pro-life credential he might have had.  Not only did he flout Catholic moral teaching in his statement that "human life begins at implantation", but he shows that he flunked Biology 101.

Anyone with an iota of common sense (and yes, this does eliminate the pro-abortion crowd) understands two things:
  1. The person is formed when sperm fertilizes ovum.  At that instant, the genetic makeup, gender, physical/personal/etc traits are determned.
  2. Such joining happens in the fallopian tube, with cell division (growth) starting almost immediately
In making this ridiculous statement, Gingrich has fallen lockstep into the pro-abortion manipulation of language.  Their (so-called) leaders have long tried to monkey around with language to substitute "conception" for "implantation", for in so doing, they could justify any method of "contraception" - including the abortifacients that are in fact chemical abortions.

Newt did well in the debates, but now he is officially off my "short list" for the primaries.

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