Thursday, December 29, 2011

BREAKING - Abortionists Brigham, Riley Jailed - Awaiting Extradition To Maryland

In the summer of 2010, I relayed to you news of an abortion racket operating in Elkton, MD.   It was owned by Stephen Chase Brigham, who did not have a Maryland license.  He would start the abortion procedure in New Jersey, then haul them down to Maryland where his hatchet-people would complete the murder.  This came to the attention of Maryland authorities when they maimed a woman.  My previous posts on this matter are here.

Today Operation Rescue learned that both Brigham and Nicola Riley (one of the hatchet-people) are in jail and are awaiting extradition to Maryland.  Brigham is in Candem County Jail in New Jersey and Riley is in Salt Lake County Jail in Utah.  Both are being charged on multiple counts of first/second-degree murder.

I'll post updates as I learn of them.

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