Saturday, December 3, 2011

Come To Germantown MD This Monday

Before I go into the details of Monday's events, let me alert you to some related news.

Several months ago a complaint was filed with the Maryland Board of Physicians on the grounds that Leroy Carhart made false statements on his application for a MD medical license.  Such falsifications should have resulted in the revokation of his MD license.

Several weeks ago, Operation Rescue received a reply from the Board; OR's press release can be found here.  This press release links to the Board's reply to OR.  They have decided to issue an "Advisory Letter" to Carhart.  Note that the reply says that the purpose of such a document is to "inform, educate or admonish a health care provider".  This amounts to a rap on the knuckles; I've got to imagine some deep pockets went behind this perfunctory letter.  However, the fact that this "advisory letter" is going to Carhart is acknowledgment from the Board that the complaints against Carhart have merit.  Will there be further action?  Unfortunately the answer is most likely "yes".  I say "unfortunately" for that means that yet another woman must be injured or perhaps even killed before the Board will take any substantive action.  In the meantime, Carhart will continue his baby-slaughter.

Contrast this inaction with a situation that happened in England recently.  Phanuel Darley, a Marie Stopes abortionist perforated the uterus of a woman and left inside her pieces of the murdered child.  She suffered severe medical complications.  This, and other instances of medical malpractice, induced the General Medical Council to strip him of his license.  Good for them!  They displayed the common sense and courage that is apparently lacking in Maryland's Medical Board.

This coming Monday, December 5, from 8am-10am, a special prayer vigil will occur at Wisteria Drive and Executive Park Circle in Germantown, to mourn the one-year anniversary of Carhart's arrival in Maryland.  So far, he has murdered over 720 babies in that office complex.  It would be ideal of 1,000 people of good will would come out on this particular day to mourn those tiny children.  Additional details can be found at the site

After that, please come every Monday during that time slot.  It is then that the late-term murder process is commenced on women who come to his killing center from all over the country.  You can help end this!

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