Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Are Your Pro-Life Resolutions For 2012??

My friend at Les Femmes broached an interesting question about resolutions (see right side bar).  In addition to her excellent points, I'd like to ask these questions:
  • Do you think our nation and indeed our very civilization can last much longer when we (as a nation) countenance the murders of over 3000 babies every day in their mothers' wombs?  (Of course the answer is NO!)
  • Do you realize that if you're not an active part of the solution to the horrendous problem of abortion, then you are part of the problem? (There is no "middle ground" here!)
  • What will you do to be part of the solution, to end the holocaust of abortion?
Here's one concrete suggestion.  Actually, I'll dare suggest that it is a moral imperative.


We have seen - time and time again - that when Christians are in front of these hell-holes (laughingly referred to as "clinics") that babies are saved as the mothers see real hope for their situation and/or their consciences are pricked.  A "case in point" is when the death-camp known as Germantown Reproductive Health Services was the stage for the Summer of Mercy 2.0, that "death took a holiday" and Carhart shut the place during that time.  That means for the first time in years (for abortions had been occurring long before Carhart's arrival), no innocent blood was shed at the Executive Park complex in Germantown.  See for more information.  We've seen this at other abortuaries - when our numbers are up, the number of baby-murders decreases. 

When you're at that website, go to the "radio and audio" tab and listen to the August 2nd clip.  I wrote an article along similar lines several years ago.  It is available at the Defend Life archives (scroll to page 13).

To reiterate - while I know some may "feel uncomfortable" with going out there, that discomfort is no excuse.  Make a New Year's resolution - right now - that you will mortify those feelings and just do it anyway.  For those in the upper part of Montgomery County, I'd suggest that you head to Germantown.  For those in other areas, please visit

We'll see you out there!

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  1. I'd also suggest the December 13th clip packed with reasons why we need to be in front of the clinics and clarity about what's going on.

    If anyone has never stepped on to a sidewalk to peacefully protest, let this be the year. That first time will end the fear/anxiety overwhelming the good that can be accomplished. And you'll meet some awesome people!


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