Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Murderous Lie of "Pro-Choice"

When I mentioned "murderous" above, I was also referring to the murder of women and not only those who have died during the abortion itself.  Many women are murdered precisely because they don't want to kill their children.  They are slain at the hands of the males who impregnated them.  Now why did I say "males" instead of "men"?  Because these creatures who murder their partners and their own children do not deserve to be called "men".  Real men protect their families - they don't slaughter them in some vain attempt to dodge their responsibilities.

This account from Lifesite News is simply the latest.  Unfortunately, as long as abortion is permitted, it won't be the last.  I regularly see young women, at the abortuary where I and others offer Christian witness, walk reluctantly and tearfully into the hell hole.  It is clear that they are being bullied by their male companions and even by their own parents.  The deathscorts see it, too.  Of course we give the deathscorts well-deserved rebukes as they once again demonstrate that they aren't so much pro-abortion as they are pro-baby-murder.

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