Friday, December 9, 2011

The Craven Scrooges Who Are The Progressives

In a small town in Texas, called Athens in Henderson County, the people there celebrate Christmas - not "the holidays" but Christmas.  Their celebration comes complete with Nativity scenes in public areas.  From all accounts, the citizens there have been perfectly happy with this arrangement for years.

Come now the grinches, the scrooges who call themselves the Freedom from Religion Foundation, hailing from Wisconsin.  As the name suggests, they are a pack of progressive atheists who are on a relentless crusade to force their pathetic world view on as many hapless folks as they can.  Their very concept of freedom is twisted to mean "freedom is permitted only if religion is eradicated".  Make no mistake about it!

What kind of craven, miserable hatred would motivate this "foundation" to butt its big bazoo into the affairs of a town hundreds of miles away to stifle that community's joyous celebration of Christmas?  Don't they sound like the quintessential kill-joys?  Ladies and gentlemen, do we want to let these pathetic progressives have their way with us?

My hat's off to Joe Hall, County Commissioner of Athens, TX!  He states that they'll remove the display when hell freezes over.  That's the spirit!

Ladies and gentlemen, we need to stand by the Joe Halls and Natalie Johnsons of our times and against these progressives who are attempting to force us to make their sad, stale worldviews the law of our country.

By the way - why not send these "freedom from religion" folks a real Christmas card?  Contact information is on the link above.  They'll have to open it for they don't want to miss a possible donation check.  Who knows?  It might brighten their day up there!

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