Monday, December 5, 2011

Report From Today's Event In Germantown

The organizers for the commemoration of the 720 babies slaughtered since Leroy Carhart started plying his murderous trade in Germantown were hoping for 1,000 participants.  They did not get 1,000 participants.
Instead, over 2,000 pro-life people showed to offer Christian witness!   Deo Gratias!!!

Here is a report from LifeSite News.  Now here's one from and one from our own Gazette (this one has a slide show).  As soon as the videos are ready, I'll link to them.

This morning's turn-out was fantastic, BUT...  What will happen next week

To all you folks who came out for the first time.  Thank you.  However, it will be for naught if today's event was also your last.  Only by your faithful persistance, even when you don't feel like it, will we end the horror of abortion.  Please come out every Monday, and on other days as your time permits.  I understand that three mothers today decided not to have their babies killed.  That was only because of your physical presence there.  Be there in the future to save more babies.

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