Wednesday, December 28, 2011

USCCB Names New Director of Home Missions - Who Contributed To Pro-Abort Pols

The USCCB announced that Mary Mencarini Campbell has been named director for Catholic Home Missions and associate director of the Office of National Collections.   See

In 2004, she made a contribution to an outfit called America Coming Together.  At the time, ACT shared a director, Ellen Malcolm, with Emily's List.  The wikipedia article on ACT is quite illuminating.  George Soros contributed much of the funding, as did labor unions such as SEIU.  Of course it was a get-out-the-vote organization, mostly interested in "get-out-the-progressive-vote".  It closed down in 2005, but not before the FEC slapped its wrists for financing violations to the tune of $775,000.  Take a peek at Emily's List.  I have to hand it to them - they are up front about their goal: to "elect pro-choice democratic women".

While Campbell's contribution was rather small, it was still a contribution to outfits with the stated goals of electing pro-abortion candidates to office.  So why does the USCCB see fit to assign this woman to positions of authority and responsibility within the USCCB?  Some might wonder about their vetting processes.  Frankly, I think they vetted her and she fits the progressive program that obviously governs the USCCB.  As you reviewed the Catholic Culture piece, you must have noticed that she occupied several positions within the CCHD itself (naturally she poo-poohed the investigation that the American Life League put together).

This is yet another example of why the entire USCCB should be dismantled and consigned to the ash heap of history.

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