Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas!

As you know, Christmas is, for too many Catholics, one of the two occasions when they go to Mass (the other being Easter).  Having been separated from the Mass so long, they are most likely under the sway of secular culture when it comes to matters of public policy.  So in addition to seeing a few more cars than usual in the church parking lot, you'll most likely see many of them festooned with bumper strips touting the names of pro-gay and/or pro-abortion politicians.  Heaven knows they need education (especially with this upcoming critical election in 2012), but they probably won't hear anything decent at Mass.  But don't despair!

Readers of this blog will recall my "wisdom on windshields" initiative.  Basically it's a leaflet that you can print (I'd suggest several copies in color) that you can leave on the windshields or door handles of any car that sports the name of a pro-abortion personage.  You might even want to download the pdf to your own computer for future use (feel free to put the language on your own letterhead if you wish).  I always carry a supply to Mass as I never know when I'll see such a car. 

Give the gift of eduation and enlightenment, and...


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  1. That's a wonderful idea. If I were a twice-a-year Catholic, nothing would make me want to come back to church LESS next week than some know-it-all putting stuff on my car, telling me how bad she thinks the Church thinks I am. Make sure you chase as many people away as you possibly can.

    It's kind of sad that this is how you'll spend your Christmas, skulking around in a church parking lot, looking for bumper stickers that offend you. I bet you'd really rattle some eardrums if you could join the priesthood. Too bad that you're a woman. All I'd have to do is go through RCIA, get baptized and confirmed and I'd have a better chance of becoming the Pope than you ever will.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. Thomas, no need to fret! I don't have time to troll the parking lots of every church to give misguided Catholics some food for thought (that's why I suggest to my other readers that they join me). And no little piece of paper with some words on it will chase any folks away. No doubt it might provide a lame excuse for them, but that's no cause to withhold truth from them.

    And Merry Christmas to you, too! :-)


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