Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ADNY Tries Again To Justify Its Planned Obeisance To Obama

Today, after the Archdiocese of New York realized we are not going to buy the lame excuses and pabulum put forth by its various employees, they somehow think that we'll swallow the same regurgitated pig-slop "hook, line and sinker" if Cardinal Dolan's name appears in the byline of the daily blog post.  Well, that is NOT happening!

I share the frustration that Voris felt with the earlier schlock because there's so much error, obfuscation and downright silliness that one can scarcely determine where to begin to unpack the mess.

First, notice the word "civility" appears often and in italics.  One wonders what the ADNY means by that word.  Mention is made of "positive, upbeat discourse, enjoyable discourse".  Would the ADNY be that interested in "civility" if the dignitary in question was an avowed racist?  Would Cardinal Dolan be interested in "upbeat discourse" with such an individual?  I suspect not.  So why try to convince the public that bowing and scraping before an avowed baby-murder facilitator and homosexual-perversion advocate is being "civil"?

Catholic Elite Lexicon - "civility" = bowing, scraping, wining-and-dining, adulating and generally making nicey-nice with enemies of the Faith and common decency for the sole purpose of obtaining from said enemy money and/or political favors

In that same paragraph, we see that "for seven decades" and "every four years", such "civility" was extended to all presidential candidates.  That's not true.  In 1996, Cardinal O'Connor barred President Clinton from the dinner precisely because of the latter's policies against unborn babies.  In 2004, Cardinal Egan did not invite John Kerry for the same reasons.  Apparently these Cardinals understood that there are higher considerations than "civility".

I'm going to skip through a few errors and note a few more.  The Cardinal (or his ghost writer) says that the dinner is "not an award or the provision of a platform".  It most certainly is.  It will lend to Obama a credibility of which he is totally unworthy.  And yes, it does send a very clear signal that the Archdiocese of New York is turning its back on the babies to garner a few thousand dollars.  The New York chancery deceives only itself if it really believes otherwise.

Later he asks "what message would it send if I refused to meet with the president"?  Your Eminence, who is asking you to "refuse to meet with the president"?  The venues for possible meetings are myriad!  What we insist is that you do so in a way that actually serves the truth and doesn't provide scandal.  By the way - who is one key individual who will be spiritually harmed by this scandalous example?  President Obama himself!  Yes indeed!  By this attempt to curry his favor, the Archdiocese communicates to Obama that his worldly power is to be preferred to his spiritual well-being.  Obama himself is a lost sheep, and the Archdiocese of New York is attempting to feed off him at this dinner.  If Cardinal Dolan does not administer some "tough love" to Barack Obama, he may well have to answer for Obama's soul at his own final judgment.

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  1. Ah, those words, "civility" and "dialogue." Try to picture Jesus or St. John the Baptist using civility and dialogue when they confront sin.


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