Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cardinal Dolan To Shame Himself Before Obama

By now most people have heard that both presidential candidates will be the main speakers at the Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, hosted by Catholic Charities of New York.  It will be held Thursday, October 18th at the Waldorf-Astoria.

That's right!  Once again, the Messiah Most Miserable, the most abortion-fostering president to date, is being wined and dined and adulated at a Catholic event.  Of course decent people are outraged at this invitation.  Obama has shown himself to be openly hostile to Christian values of life and morality - particularly as they are displayed by Catholics.  Even now we are fighting the draconian HHS mandates that came into play a few days ago.

Cardinal Dolan's office tried to stave off criticism.  His spokesman, Joseph Zwilling, claimed, "this is not a partisan event.  It is an evening to put politics aside and come together in a spirit of civility."  Well, here are a few questions for Mr. Zwilling and (by extension) His Eminence.
  • If this is not a "partisan event", just what kind of event is it?  Answer - a money-grubbing event, and an event to flatter the wealthy and powerful.
  • When you "put politics aside", what else are you putting aside?  Answer - your Christian principles, your sense of right versus wrong.
  • If you think you're putting politics aside, do you really think Obama is doing the same?  You are handing to him, on a silver platter, the perfect photo-ops to use on the Catholic public just two weeks away from the presidential elections.  But if you really persist in that belief, may I sell to you the Brooklyn Bridge?
  • If you really want to engage in a "spirit of civility", why not ask Obama to "reach across the table" in that regard?  The fact is that while the dinner is occurring and all the schmoozing and elbow-rubbing occurs, babies will be murdered during that time.  Try asking Obama to have all abortions in New York City suspended while that dinner occurs and see how far that "civility" will go!
Father Frank Pavone, president of Priests for Life, denounced Obama's planned appearance at the dinner.  His remarks, though brief, are spot-on.  Of particular note is his statement, perhaps as a retort to Zwilling, "there comes a time when the polite putting aside of differences for a while amounts to scandal".  Father Pavone is correct.

Over three years ago, Obama gave the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame.  That was roundly and rightly criticized.  Among the critics was - Cardinal Dolan!   Read his statement from April 15, 2009!  He said (among other things), "by inviting President Obama to deliver the commencement address and to receive an honorary degree, Notre Dame wrongly signaled to students 'we hold him up as a model to you'".  I submit that there is no change between that occasion and this.  Why the change in Cardinal Dolan's outlook between then and now?  I submit that Cardinal Dolan is sending the same signal now that he so correctly deplored in 2009.  This dichotomy in the Cardinal's two positions is rendered more stark by the evils thrust on this nation during the intervening three years.

I now post below some comments from the Vortex, as well as a petition that Michael Voris is asking all to sign, to have this ridiculous invitation rescinded.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

Here is the petition link http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cdl_dolan_disinvite_obama/

I frankly believe the petition will be ignored (although I'd welcome being proved wrong in this case).  In that case, it might be necessary for Catholics (and others of good will) to take to the streets in front of the Waldorf-Astoria in protest, as did hundreds of good people at Notre Dame.  The onus for this will largely be on the faithful of New York.  Are we up for it?


  1. This whole situation is heartbreaking. The bishops entreated us to pray and fast during the Fortnight for Freedom. Despite opposition to date, Obama has not budged. He continues to answer that religious freedom is protected. How the Cardinal can invite him is beyond belief?

    Yes, I live in New Jersey, and was thinking of going to NYC that day to protest. I'll protest the Waldorf-Astoria, but not the Cathedral where the Blessed Sacrament resides. I'll take the day off from work, and combine fasting and praying too. The battle goes on, even if the General has weakened.

  2. Prudential judgements should be exactly that, prudent. This term cannot be used to justify any action that is not intrinsically evil. The point is that many Catholics do not think it was prudent, but scandalous. Just as going alone to dinner with another man's spouse, by itself is not intrinsically evil, it is not prudent, but scandalous. Having an official meeting with her at work on the other hand is appropriate. Cardinal Dolan did not choose the right forum for dialog and it is downright scandalous.
    Fraternizing with the enemy at a dinner party is scandalous especially when you were the one who personally invited him. I believe the problem is that many Catholics don't think President Obama is a enemy of the Church as evidenced by their voting in 2008. So what was the Fortnight of Freedom all about anyway? I believe many Catholics don't try to practice their faith 100% and when the Bishops do things like this it somehow justifies their own personal lack of the virtue of prudence. Come on, Jesus dining with sinners cannot be compared to Jesus leaving the Disciples to attend a gala with King Herod.


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