Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maryland Late-Term Abortionist's License Is Suspended

Harold Alexander, partner to late-term abortionist James Pendergraft IV, had his license suspended by the Maryland Board of Physicians.  His method of murdering babies involved injecting a needle into the heart of the baby (and of course through the mother's belly) to stop the heart of the child.  After this step, the mother would be sent elsewhere to deliver her dead child.  The murder site is called "Integrated OB/GYN Services" and operated out of Forestville, MD (Prince George's County).

Look at the photo of Alexander on the LifeSite News site.  Doesn't it look like a mug shot?  I think that's very appropriate.  Here are more details from Operation Rescue.  It is their 7-month investigation that helped  bring this suspension about.  For that they deserve much credit.  On their site is video.  If you can't see their embedded video, go here.  In the latter part, you'll hear Pendergraft tell them that before any other information is released (like location, doctor's name, etc), that they must wire $6k in cash to him but that's ok, 'cause golly gee - they get a receipt!  While there's just a tinge of sarcasm in my statement, most women going to have their babies killed have no idea who they've hired to invade their bodies and slaughter their children!

Obviously the video was created before Alexander's suspension, but it gives you an idea of the low-life that abortionists have allowed themselves to become.

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