Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What Makes Liberals Indignant??

Progressive CINOs are all smiles and gladness when the rabidly pro-abortion Barack HUSSEIN Obama is invited by Cardinal Dolan to besmirch a Catholic event, but wax hysterical at the thought of Cardinal Dolan attending the (gasp!) Values Voters Summit in Washington DC next month.

Today Sr Maureen Fiedler, in today's online National Catholic Reporter is indulging in a good old-fashioned liberal snit-fit over the prospect.  She utters the dire warning that the Cardinal might "share the stage with such right-wing luminaries as" Michele Bachman, Governor Jan Brewer and (horror of horrors!) GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan.  Not only that but she warns that "an appearance is to an endorsement of Republican candidates".

By the way - for examples of how Fiedler (doesn't) thinks, peruse some samplings from her blog.  Some titles are quite revelatory: "How Do We Prevent Global Climate Catastrophe?", "Real Threats to Religious Freedom", "Gay in the Eyes of God" promise to be real hoots.  In reality, they are symptomatic of the moral and spiritual rot that exudes from the progressives within the Church.

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