Friday, August 17, 2012

From "The Follyhood Of Hollywood" Department

Singer Cher (remember Sonny and Cher?) is a raving pro-abort.  She's also an avid tweeter, making gaffes that would do Joe Biden proud.  You can see the "precious pearls of wisdom" pictured on Lifenews.  The real gem?  The imprecation she casts upon herself if she doesn't "stand" for contraception and abortion - the loss of her voice.

Well, Cher, there are millions of voices that won't be heard on earth thanks to the murders from abortion and contraception.  I daresay that more than a few of those voices might have been as decent as yours, if not more so.  If you continue down your path, you will lose far more than your voice - namely, your eternal salvation

No wonder her daughter Chastity is such a mess!  With a mom like that who doesn't understand the first thing about real motherhood and femininity, the daughter was at a tremendous disadvantage.  Let us pray for both these troubled women - and the countless others who hold those two in adulation.

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