Sunday, August 12, 2012

More Liberal Self-Righteousness At The Abortion Mill

Yesterday at the Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring, MD, another neighborhood malcontent attempted to remove the pro-life signs on his own dubious authority.  This case was a little different from the rest.  He seemed to be enraged over one sign only - the sign with the word "abortionist" on it.  So no, one cannot blame the "horrible graphic pictures" this time!

While he was grabbing for the sign, two men (one a priest) from our group approached.  Their presence must have caused the man to reconsider the wisdom (or lack thereof) of his endeavors.  He did call the police but left before they arrived.

Please note some things:
  • For all the self-righteous snooting and snorting that progressives heave our way, complaining that we "force our views" on others, this fellow seemed to have no qualms about literally forcing his views on us by attempting to steal the sign.
  • You'll notice his complaints about the sign "inciting violence".  It seems the only violence being "incited" was his own.  Do you think that maybe, just maybe, his lack of self-control or his own arrogance might have been contributing factors?  Oh, no!!  Perish the thought!!!  It was all the fault of an arrow-shaped yellow sign no higher than the knee!
  • Towards the end, you'll hear him try to utter some lame excuse that the "abortionist" sign pointed out a specific individual.  What nonsense!  How many people listed in the White Pages go by the name "abortionist"?
  • That these people think they can arbitrate who gets to enjoy First Amendment rights should surprise no one.  After all, they seem to think they can determine if a baby should be allowed to be born or to be subject to murder.
Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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