Monday, August 27, 2012

Former ADW Official Affiliated With Catholics In Alliance For The Common Good

I wrote two years ago that Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good might have been scrapped by its money sources - George Soros being the chief among them.  Well, either I was wrong or it's simply been resurrected for the present presidential campaign.  Do read that post and the links therein for important information regarding CACG and its rather nefarious origins and associations.

As I was looking into their site to work on another post, I came across their Board of Advisers and one name immediately caught my eye - Mary McGinnity.  She was the Executive Director for Social Concerns at the Archdiocese of Washington until two years ago (and now heads the Ignatian Volunteer Corps).  I have no way of knowing if there was time overlap between her appointment to the CACG Board of Advisers and her employment at the Archdiocese of Washington.

I could opine that McGinnity was merely exercising abysmally poor judgment when she affixed her name to their Advisers' roster, but I'm not so naive.  How could she not know that CACG was founded by faux-katholycs who worked on election campaigns for John Kerry and Kathleen Sebelius?  For further reading, I refer you to this Pewsitter article.  Of course, as revealed yesterday, two of CACG's directors are members of "Catholics for Obama".

Consider that McGinnity led the "social concerns" office of the Archdiocese of Washington for several years.  Now consider the mindset of one who aligns his/herself with such an outfit as is Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good.  She had to be approving of its goals (at least in good part) to be affiliated with them.  Such a mindset helped set the tone for some of the nonsense coming from that office: Climate Change Covenant, promotion of Just Faith and yes, next to nothing from the pro-life office (for which I do not fault those individuals).

Quite a bit of the chancery still remains infected with progressive rot (with a few heroic souls trying to stay afloat).  Pray for our poor church and let's continue to shine the light of truth where it so sorely lacks.

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