Tuesday, August 21, 2012

CRS Caught Employing Pro-Abortion Folks - One Of Them Violent

Amid all its other recent scandals new ones have come to light regarding some of the personnel of Catholic Relief Services.  I won't comment on all of them but will refer you to LifeSite News for further detail.

I will comment on Charisse Espy Glassman, who was convicted of vehicular assault after driving her car into a group of pro-life activists during the 2011 March for Life in DC.  In addition to aspiring to a political career in the Democrat party she was employed at the time with CRS-Haiti.  She remained with them until August 2011.  I know the assault victim who suffered the injured back.  In fact, when I was getting started in pro-life work, her mother and I spent many hours at an abortuary off Shady Grove Road in Gaithersburg.

I fear that CRS may well be simply an international version of CCHD.

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