Sunday, August 12, 2012

Left-Wing Campaign Strategies?

Yes, the Code Pink faction of the Minions Most Mindless is coming to the rescue of their adored Messiah Most Miserable!  They hope that their presidential campaign strategy will save the day for Barack HUSSEIN Obama!  And just what, pray tell, is this innovative, cutting-edge strategy?  (drum roll and trumpets, please!)

(Code Pink's words, not mine!)  "Send Your V to the RNC!"

You can read about it on the redredhead blog, along with "artistic representations".  On the most basic scientific level, these dumb broads don't know the difference between "vulva" and "vagina".  More to the point, they themselves are meting out to women the treatment of which they accused the "male chauvanistic pigs" around 40 years ago.  They're objectifying women (meaning themselves), representing themselves as mere body parts.  My friend at Les Femmes has a very telling photo of some of those pathetic dames.  Is this the end-product of feminism?

With these hare-brained antics, the progressives are letting the world know that liberalism is brain-rot.  If they really think this will help Obama come November, let them carry on in their delusions.  But pray for their repentance, as they are toying with their eternal fates.

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