Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sting Operation: Al Smith Dinner Open To Pro-Abort Groups

The Pro-Life Corner Blog announced yesterday the results of a "sting operation" conducted by an anonymous pro-life individual.  She portrayed herself as a "clergy woman" from Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  She emailed the Al Smith Foundation to inquire about a table purchase by RCRC.

Well, poor Meghan at the Al Smith Foundation gladly replied, stating they'd be welcome, as long as they ponied up the cash.  By the way - tables start at the paltry sum of $25,000.00.  I guess that's what inflation has done to 30 pieces of silver.

A little "aside" - Recalling how the various officials of the Archdiocese of New York tried so hard to convince the public that this dinner is not an archdiocesan event, don't you find it interesting that the domain of the Al Smith Dinner email is ""?  I just think that's fascinating!

I thank A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics for the tip on this.

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