Monday, August 6, 2012

CCHD - A Different Sort Of Prostitute

The CCHD of Boston has sunk to new lows in the foisting of Catholic money upon dissident groups.  According to this Boston Globe article, the Chelsea Collaborative, a community-organizing group that partners with "gay-rights" organizations, has received grants from the local CCHD from the years 2000-2007.  They have always known that their stances put them at odds with official CCHD organizations.

Last March a representative from the CCHD paid them a visit and emphasized the need for them to avoid collaborations with "gay-rights" efforts that are in variance with Church teaching if they wished to receive CCHD funds.  Gladys Vegas, Chelsea's executive director, made the decision to forego CCHD monies in favor of their gay alliances.  Chelsea returned a $40k grant and withdrew their organization for the following year.

One might think it might have been the end of that story.  We actually see an example of a CCHD staff person doing their job in making certain that Catholic monies remain untainted by association with dissident groups.  And to be clear, Ms. Vegas's actions were quite commendable.  Granted she didn't voice agreement with Catholic teaching, but at least she acknowledged it for what it is and respected the prerogatives of the Church regarding usage of Catholic donations.

Not nearly as honorable was the behavior of Randy Keesler, a CCHD "grant specialist".  He sent an email to Vegas to suggest that she should have contacted him first before returning the money.  He states,"“We have relationships and work in partnership with many organizations at the national level which differ from the Catholic church’s teachings."

In response to that most revealing (Freudian slip) statement, some questions need to be asked:
  • In heavens' name, WHY?
  • Surely there are enough organizations that don't oppose Church teaching that would be worthwhile partners.  Why not stick with those?
  • Why on earth should a faithful Catholic want to donate one penny to the CCHD that is pathologically driven to kiss-up to organizations that oppose Church teaching?
As I was reading about this latest CCHD episode of insanity, the following verses from the prophet Ezekiel came to mind (Ezekiel 16:33-34) "Gifts are given to all harlots: but thou hast given hire to all thy lovers, and thou hast given them gifts to come to thee from every side, to commit fornication with thee. And it hath happened in thee contrary to the custom of women in thy fornications, and after thee there shall be no such fornication: for in that thou gavest rewards, and didst not take rewards, the contrary hath been done in thee."    

The following verses would make for worthwhile reading, too.

For those of you who might think I'm over the top in comparing the CCHD with prostitutes, please recall this less-than-lovely incident that occurred in Baltimore several years ago.

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