Thursday, August 9, 2012

In Case You Missed It..

Because I sure did!  What did I miss?  (Drum roll and trumpets, please!)

The 2012 Leadership Conference of Women Religious Assembly in St. Louis MO, from Aug 7-10

Actually it ends tomorrow (Deo gratias!), but their true colors certainly did fly.

From Father Z's blog we read that the keynote speaker of the event was Barbara Marx Hubbard.  What does she consider her life's mission?  Well, that's straight from her Facebook page: "to be a voice for the Collective Emergence of humanity as a Co-creative Universal Species".  I can just imagine that her address induced, uh, "deep meditation" among the attendees.  The National Catholic Reporter noted that "Teilhard would find in Barbara a kindred spirit".  The NCR might well be correct; many of Teilhard's writings were condemned by the Church!  At the very least, she certainly shows a knack for inventing interesting-sounding words like "regenopause".

By the way - for all their snivveling about what they claim is the Vatican's refusal to "dialog", why did they not allow the CDF laison, Bishop Sartain, to attend their meeting?  Such snubbing hardly seems conducive to "dialog".

There was a protest of the LCWR meeting.  By whom?  Right-wing religious zealots?  Nope!  SNAP!  There have been cases of abuse perpetrated by women religious.  So why, oh why, was there complete silence of this protest?  Had this been a clergy meeting, SNAP would have been featured front and center of all the coverage.  Could it be because the progressive media doesn't want to air "in-fighting"?  So much for truth in media.

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