Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Much Do YOU Care?

Listen closely to yesterday's episode of the Vortex.  He echoes many things I've been saying and thinking throughout the years.  I've seen so many in the pro-life community wax giddy and lyrical how "the polls" indicate that the "nation is becoming pro-life" and "think abortion is wrong".  Such polls I take with copious grains of salt.  Those polls aren't worth the time, effort and money it takes to conduct them.

So many folks, who are decent, claim to be pro-life but don't really make any pro-life concern a real part in their lives.  Oh yes, they might contribute every now and then to a pro-life fundraiser and even attend a gala or two.  Maybe, just maybe, they'll vote pro-life unless somehow they perceive that their "financial interests" would be better-served by a pro-abortion candidate.   And of course they wouldn't think of taking a public stance such as witnessing at an abortion center or writing a letter to the editor or volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center.  In other words, they aren't "pro-life" enough to step out of their comfort zones and make some real long-term commitment to the babies.

If what I just described above sounds too familiar for comfort, I urge you to listen again to the clip.  Go to confession if necessary.  And then begin to step out - even if you don't feel like it.  Join an ongoing pro-life witness in your area (40 Days for Life will soon be starting its Fall 2012 session - look for one in your locality) and stay with it.  While being pro-life means that you carry it into the voting booth, that only occurs every few years.  Pro-life is more - it is being pro-life every day.  Click here if you can't see embedded video.

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