Monday, August 27, 2012

Obama Nixes Catholic Prayer At DNC, Will Allow Muslim Jumah

I suppose on the bright side, that Obama is allowing some prayer.  The big question is "prayer to what"?   Well, in this case it's to the false idol called "Allah".  The "prayer" in question is called Jumah.  And yes, it is an official function - to be held on Friday of course.

Another "bright spot" is that Sister Maureen Fiedler can stop hyperventilating now.  Cardinal Dolan tried to be "bipartisan" about convention prayers.  It's not the fault of His Eminence that the Messiah Most Miserable behaved like a lout.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Dolan continues to fall all over himself in trying to make nicey-nice with these pro-abortion politicians.  A few days ago he waxed lyrical/hysterical as he stated "it's a cause for celebration in the Catholic community that the two vice-presidential picks are Catholics."  Comparing the "katholycism" of Biden with the Catholicism of Ryan is like comparing night and day.  The only way, perhaps, that His Eminence can compare Biden with another Catholic is to compare Biden with himself for the sheer number of gaffes that both of these men utter.  Let's face it - that comparison was an abysmal Dolan gaffe.

Perhaps there's yet another bright spot.  Now that Catholic prayer has been jettisoned in favor of Muslim idolatry, Cardinal Dolan can use that as a reason to disinvite Obama from the Al Smith Dinner.  Let His Eminence show a bit of backbone and do the right thing in this case - disinvite the abortion-adoring Obama.

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