Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Common Core Inflicted Among Maryland High School Students

I've written a bit about Common Core in the past; read here for some background.   It has come to my attention that Common Core has indeed reared its ugly head here in Montgomery County MD.  Since this area is such a bastion of liberal drones, this comes as no surprise.  What does raise the eyebrows a bit is the audacity with which Common Core devotees bombard students with their brainwashing.

A "case in point" was published in the Freedom Outpost.  It reveals the contents of a Common-Core derived survey foisted upon sophomores at Poolesville High School in Montgomery County MD.  Please read that article in its entirety for therein is the complete survey presented to these kids.  It asks them to divulge highly personal information such as the demographics of their family, family income, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, various political convictions, etc.  Pardon my French, but none of that is any damned business of school officials.

More distressing yet is the emergence of Common Core in Maryland Catholic Schools.  The Sept-Oct issue of the Defend Life newsletter has a four-page article; on the link go to page 6 and read on.  It's clear that the Archdiocese of Baltimore's education office has allowed itself to become "useful dupes" of the Common Core progressives.  While the author was unable to ascertain the stance of the Archdiocese of Washington, I think it reasonable (in light of their lack of response to the reporter) to assume that it too has swallowed the proverbial kook-aid.  Our children aren't safe even there.

In 2014 we will have the chance to replace a goodly number of these officials.  All state-wide and lower-level seats are up for grabs.  Many of the local school boards are too.  Some minds and voices of sanity would be a welcome relief.  Let's work for that.

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