Wednesday, October 16, 2013

MD Physicians Board Closes Carhart Investigation

In the lovely state of Maryland, where abortionists - and their campaign contributions - are put on the pedestals of elected officials, we are not surprised to see that the Maryland Board of Physicians has ended its "investigation" (or more accurately, the investigation charade) of Leroy Carhart following the latter's utter negligence in the death of Jennifer Morbelli.  There is, of course, the matter of the cold-blooded murder of Madison Morbelli, in which Jennifer herself was more than complicit.

An account of this "closing of the case" appeared in the online edition of Washington Post yesterday.  One curious line appears, the so-called diagnosis of the cause of Jennifer's death.  She allegedly suffered from "a rare condition in which amniotic fluid was pushed into her blood system".  Well, some questions come to mind:
  • Does this "rare condition" have a name?
  • To be identified at all, there must have been previous occurrences of this "rare condition".  I for one would like to see some accounts of these.
  • In order for amniotic fluid to be "pushed into her blood system", something had to do the "pushing".  How did this "pushing" occur?
But don't expect these questions to be asked by the Board.  Nope.  As long as Martin O'Malley is governor, the same who spearheaded NARAL fundraisers, abortionists will continue to get a free pass in Maryland.  Their investigation might as well have closed with..

"Nothing to see here, folks!  Move along!  Move along!"

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