Thursday, October 17, 2013

Joy-Pop Christianity??

As I watched today's Vortex, I couldn't help but "connect some dots", as it were.  Go back to my post regarding the "lighten up brigade".  It has been my observation that this "brigade" and the population that Voris describes has a high degree of overlap.  Might such folks be headed to spiritual trouble if they don't sober up?  I have a bit of personal experience with this, having been wrapped up in what is still called the "charismatic renewal".  I pulled away from that for many reasons.  One reason is that I saw an over-emphasis on "experience".  God never called us to have particular kinds of "experiences"; those experiences are at most ancillary to the Christian life.  God calls us to the Church, the sacraments and teachings and to obedience to His commands.  If we "experience consolation", well that's nice.  But if we don't, then there's nothing wrong with us spiritually (meaning we don't have to "lighten up"!); we're being swindled out of absolutely nothing.  In fact, we're in good company.  Mother Teresa had very little of consolation; yet she obeyed God in a manner that I suspect few of us do.

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  1. Good Morning! I posted a comment on the blog page regarding this episode. I'll share it here...

    I just watched…”having a personal relationship with Jesus” and I’m going to stick my neck out (so don’t chop it off Mr. Voris, please) and comment just a bit (15,000 words or less).

    I believe I have a personal relationship with Jesus, Mary and probably my guardian angel who has kept me safe through 56 years. But it isn’t one of “feelings” as Mr. Voris implies. I see it more as He is always here–24/7–so I seek answers to things, I take questions to Him in prayer. Sometimes I receive “thoughts or guidance” I believe through Him. As a wife and mother, I seek Mary’s guidance (usually quite quickly for I know my response could be or lead to sin, quarrels, etc., which happened more often earlier on in our family life together).

    I see it as the giving us what we need, and when we need it to fulfill His will in our daily lives. I see it (the personal relationship with Jesus) in coming to know, love and serve our Triune God, by the people He brings us to or to us (for example, bringing you to me, to my family, and to the lives of how many others for you have filled in so many answers that I’ve had about the Faith, what happened in the Church, etc.)

    So, perhaps that “personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus” mirrors the relationships we have in our lives (based on feelings and emotions or based on choosing to know, love and serve God, who fills in the “_________” blanks.


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