Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shades Of Stalin And Hitler In Maryland

Last August Audrey Hudson, while writing for the Washington Times, was "visited" by the Maryland State Troopers, Homeland Security agents and the Coast Guard - at 4:00am.  Allegedly they were searching for a "potato launcher".  Ms Hudson found out several weeks later that they seized source material that she used while writing on the Federal Air Marshall program.  They also seized the Hudsons' legally-obtained firearms.  I wonder if they seized any boxes of Pop Tarts for good measure?  Read the Fox News account.

Marylanders, this happened here.  The video indicates that this occurred in Anne Arundel County.  As Defend Life learned a few years ago, the Maryland State Troopers do tend to be, uh, "constitutionally challenged".  That is, they display woeful ignorance, if not blatant disrespect, of the First Amendment.  In the Hudsons' case, we can also list knowledge of the Second Amendment and Fourth Amendments to their intellectual deficiencies.  Now I'm sure there are decent Troopers in uniform today, but where is the internal hue and cry against this blight on their profession?  This is what happens in a state dictated governed by progressive ideologues.

I understand that the Washington Times has filed suit against these tin-horn tyrants because of this raid.  Good for them.  But some "leadership" in the DHS and MD State Troopers (and the judge who signed the search warrant) need to do some serious jail time in addition to losing their jobs.

WMAL interviewed Ms. Hudson yesterday.  Here is the clip.

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