Friday, October 25, 2013

The Latest Two Scandals From Georgetown University

Scandal #1
From the Cardinal Newman Society we learn that a class at the Georgetown Law School will have its students interning with a pro-abortion advocacy group.  The professor for that class is Kelli Garcia, who happens to be senior counsel for the National Women's Law Center.  The NWLC has also tasked Garcia with overseeing "the Center's efforts to address religious restrictions on women's access to reproductive health services, including its work with hospital mergers and crisis pregnancy centers".  By the way - that last link is from Georgetown's site, not NWLC.   Well we all know what the pro-aborts are trying to do with pregnancy centers, right?  (One of the main purposes to the MD-NARAL bash was to raise funds to cripple pro-life pregnancy aid centers.  But I digress.)  Read her biography on the NWLC site, along with her blog pieces; one bemoans the pro-life victory in Texas - this from a professor at an ostensibly Catholic institution.  The students will have the "opportunity" to participate in meetings and conferences between NWLC and "partnering organizations".  Will these students be endeavoring to endanger more unborn babies?

Scandal #2
(HT to Pewsitter) Hoyas for Choice has announced a (drums and trumpets, please!) a "condom delivery service".  Their "mission" (using that term loosely) is to "make condoms more accessible to Georgetown students at parties".  These things would be ordered by the host of the party and most likely would be placed in a bowl.  I wonder if it's set with the chips and salsa or with that unmarked keg?  Of course the Georgetown administration is wimping out, ostensibly because Hoyas for Choice does not utilize campus funds.  If any of these orgies are being held on campus grounds, why should that matter a whit?  Either the administration is a pack of wimp OR they actually approve.  I think it's the latter case, particularly given what kinds of professors they allow into their classrooms (see scandal #1 above).

I hope Mr. Blattney's suit moves forward with all alacrity.

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