Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throw-Away Babies

I remember when abortion was legally regarded as murder, and some muddled-headed folks were trying to get it legalized.  One canard they tried to get us to buy (with success) was that "abortion would reduce the number of abused children".  Never mind that abortion is itself the most heinous form of abuse.

But child-abuse has multiplied exponentially since the wide-spread acceptance of abortion.  It seems like a weekly occurrence to hear of some poor babe being tossed in a dumpster or even flushed down a toilet.  LifeSiteNews has compiled a list of various accounts of these cases of infant abuse and yes, infanticide.  Read it, weep, pray - and resolve to do something about this matter on an ongoing basis.

I regret that this LifeSiteNews list will most likely be obsolete in a week or two when we learn of the next travesties.

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