Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crdl Dolan: Abortion Just A "Pet Issue"???

According to the Catholic Herald of England, Cardinal Dolan put his own spin on Pope Francis' mid-September interviews, when the latter suggested that the Church should not focus only on moral issues.  I opined in my earlier post that the pope meant that we must pay attention to the entire deposit of faith, such as the Sacraments, who God is, etc.

According to Cardinal Dolan, though, the pope wants the public not to see the Church "as a scold who's always nagging and always negative..because nobody wants to join a paranoid group".  He also says that "we (the bishops) have been saying for a long time, 'listen to everything we say, don't just listen to us when we speak about your pet issue."

Excuse me?  The large-scale murder of tiny babies, to the tune of 3500 every day, with the death toll at 52 million and counting, is merely a "pet issue"????  And we should ascribe the socialistic blathering of the USCCB, including its grossly-misinformed obamacare advocacy, the same status as the Church's teachings on life issues?  I've detailed Friday why the USCCB, by championing socialized medicine, is paving the way for moral evil to be further ensconced on our culture

In this latest gaffe of his, Cardinal Dolan appears to be channeling the late Cardinal Bernardin and his now-discredited "seamless-garment" schtick.


  1. I don't know what Dolan really is in his heart of hearts.

    1. Isn't that a sad thing, when our prelates have us scratching our heads like this? However, what he exemplifies by his words and actions is not good at all.


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