Friday, October 25, 2013

Pax Christi - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing Coming To Montgomery County Parish

Here is more key data on Pax Christi USA, the spiritual predator that is being granted admittance to St Francis of Assisi Church in Derwood MD this coming Wednesday.

My Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block wrote an article on Pax Christi USA in her newsletter Los Pequenos.  I link to the archive here; you'll need to go to page 14 of the pdf.  As usual, Stephanie has done thorough research.  For the rest of this piece I'll refer to Pax Christi USA as "PCUSA".

PCUSA is also linked to many dissident organizations.  From the program of their recent national conference we see that they allowed New Ways Ministry to be a vendor at their conference.  New Ways Ministry is solely dedicated to advancing the acceptance of sexual perversion by the Catholic Church.  Its founders have been censured by the DC bishops throughout the years (being headquartered in Prince George's County MD, within the Archdiocese of Washington).  To further document Pax Christi's own embrace of perversion, please review this page of photos from that same conference; about halfway down the page you'll see their slide projection stating quite openly that "if PC-USA is to remain relevant and on the frontier as a Catholic movement of peace-making with justice, it must intentionally welcome people of all gender identities and sexual orientations."

In August 2012 the fight over the HHS mandate was getting underway as various dioceses and Catholic organizations filed their suits in court.  A naive person might have believed that Pax Christi might have stood for religious freedom, respect for conscience, etc.  Well, think again!  When the Diocese of Erie (PA) filed its suit, four of the so-called "Catholic social justice" groups filed friend-of-the-court briefs siding with the Obama regime!  Two of them were Pax Christi (Pittsburgh area) and Call to Action.  Their reasoning?  They themselves dissent from Church teaching on contraception - pure and simple.

As the astute reader of this blog and others may have noticed, many of these progressive groups can be intertwined in lots of coalitions.  Pax Christi and Call to Action are both to be found in something called "Catholic Organizations for Renewal".  While the latter does not have a national website, some sites do exist and can be quite informative.  Take, for instance, this site in which its congratulations to Pope Francis on his selection as Pontiff is seen.  The various organizations - including Pax Christi - voice their "hopes" for Francis's pontificate.  Those "hopes" include "women's ordination", gay "rights" and unrestricted abortion.

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