Saturday, October 26, 2013

When The Church Disregards Subsidiarity...

Then we can expect church "leaders" to wax apoplectic and hysterical when the federal money spigot runs dry.  Apparently that is what they did, according to an article that appeared on page 3 of the print edition of the Catholic Standard -dated Oct 24, 2013.

The article is entitled, "Faith Leaders Welcome Government Reopening, Point To Unfinished Work".  I could not locate this on the Standard's web page, nor did I see it on that of the Catholic News Service.  I finally found it on the site of the Not-At-All Catholic Reporter.  Of course it is the sort of pig-slop that one might find on the pages of the socialist-injustice aficionado rag.  By the way, when I call it "pig slop" I don't impugn the integrity of the Reporter's reporting - on this occasion.  Rather, I use the term to accurately describe the whining and sniveling that I'm sure did spew forth from the mouths of these, uh, leaders.

They bemoaned the "lack of services" and lack of "safety net".  Well, if one examines the Principle of Subsidiarity as put forth by various popes, we see that centralized government is to be the last-resort type of safety-net, not the "first responder" as it were.  However, as I noted a week or two ago, the USCCB and the puppet-bishops seem to have some serious difficulties with reading the Catechism.  Here's paragraphs 1883-1885 regarding subsidiarity (scroll till you see those paragraphs).

Then the article goes on to quote Network, citing it as "THE Catholic social justice lobby" (emphasis mine).  Notice that it touts the Obama regime's yarn, claiming that the debt and deficits will decrease (??!??!).  Network clearly is in the number of the Minions Most Mindless of the Messiah Most Miserable.  Even the USCCB seemed to have an eye-opener regarding them, be that insight ever so brief.  This came about as Network embraced the abortion provisions in Obamacare; read this from the National Catholic Register (The Register, as opposed to the Reporter, does deserve the "Catholic" designation).

In a side bar in the Standard's print edition (found only there, as far as I know), it was lamented that the shutdown "cost Catholic Charities $25,000 each day".  What is lamentable is that Catholic Charities is just another piglet attached to a teat of the federal entitlement sow.  Ultimately, from where does that $25k/day originate?  Boys and girls, can we all say "OUR TAX DOLLARS!"?  This is not charity; it is legalized extortion.  The government has no authority under the US Constitution to exact such taxes.  Moreover, under the principle of subsidiarity and the Seventh Commandment, the Church has no moral right to accept, let alone request, such funds that are the result of aforementioned legalized extortion.

If the Church leaders were truly observing the Principle of Subsidiarity, no government shutdown would be able to get their undies bunched as they obviously were two weeks ago.  The Church is, first and foremost, about the business of saving souls.  Charitable works, while important in and of itself, plays second-fiddle to eternal salvation.  When will our modernism-boondoggled bishops acknowledge that?

I noted in the fourth paragraph that Network was cited as being "THE Catholic social justice agency".  It should be pointed out that this ridiculous statement is the product of the Catholic News Service, an arm of the USCCB.  Both the Reporter and the Standard are merely repeating the absurd opinion.

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