Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pax Christi Event At St Francis Of Assisi This Evening

If you attended that event in Derwood Maryland and are visiting this site, no doubt you are doing so because this was left on your car.  The only difference between this online version and the paper flyer is that the hyperlinks are indeed "clickable".  I strongly urge you to study those links.  Please note that two of them are links to Pax Christi's own site.  The evidence of Pax Christi's dissent from Christ's teachings don't get any more "first-hand" than that!

I contend that any debatable benefit that you might have gleaned from this evening's event is far outweighed by the harm wrought by lending Pax Christi your audience and a moral credibility that it simply doesn't deserve.  I've no doubt that many people are genuinely unaware of Pax Christi's desire to undermine Church teaching in fundamental matters of faith and morals.  For any new awareness that has come about, I am thankful.

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