Saturday, October 5, 2013

US Air Force Sending Recruits To Planned Parenthood? Really?

Is the United States Air Force pimping for Planned Parenthood?

Today in front of the building in Silver Spring where Planned Parenthood rents a suite to carry out its baby-killing business, one of the sidewalk counselors had a rather illuminating exchange with a woman going into the abortuary.  The lady informed my colleague that she is an Air Force reservist who will soon report to an Air Force base in Austin Texas for basic training.  As a prerequisite she is required to take a pregnancy test, presumably to ensure she isn't pregnant before undergoing the training.

One might think a pregnancy test from any licensed ob/gyn would suffice for those purposes.  In a sane, reasonable world that would be the case.  However, the Air Force instructions were quite explicit.  They would only accept results from tests administered by Planned Parenthood.

This is the first we've heard of such a thing and as of this writing, we haven't verified this woman's account - yet.  However, given the scandalous conduct of the Obama regime as it has toadied to Planned Parenthood and driven Christian morality from the armed services, we've no reason to doubt her.

If her account has factual basis, that would raise a whole bevy of questions such as:
  • How long has this requirement been in place?
  • Does the same requirement exist in the other branches of the armed services?
  • While we know that the Obama regime would definitely approve of this requirement, that doesn't necessarily mean that this order came from the White House.  From what specific individual(s) did this originate?
If this is indeed the situation, that means that even more of our tax dollars are being diverted to Planned Parenthood.  Undoubtedly the recruits aren't paying for these tests themselves as they would be considered military recruiting expenses.  Doesn't it seem rather convenient for Cecile Richards and company to have that kind of monopoly?  Doesn't it just seem like another Planned Parenthood scandal?

If any of my readers has any information regarding this question, please feel free to supply it via the comments section.  Please supply references (links, etc).  I do not need to make your comments public in order to see the information myself.  Thank you.

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