Friday, October 4, 2013

Some Progressives Might Be Disappointed In Pope Francis

Yep!  It might mean that the Messiah Most Miserable is no longer "hugely impressed" by His Holiness.  And NARAL might be inclined to rescind its "thank-you" that it gave Pope Francis recently.  Why?

Today in Assisi (today is the feast of St Francis of Assisi) His Holiness told young people in attendance to have the courage to (wait for it!) get married and (progressives, please be seated and have smelling salts handy!) have children!

Presuming that the progressives have recovered from their fainting attacks and/or temper tantrums, we will continue.

He told them to do so despite a culture that emphasizes "individual rights" over family.  Not only that, but he talked of marriage as being a vocation to form one flesh, one life from the two and (Equality MD types, take deep breaths!), male and female.

The Holy Father went on to extol the virtues of priestly celibacy and consecrated virginity.  He said that "virginity for the kingdom of God is not a 'no', but a 'yes'."

In all seriousness, I thank the Holy Father for standing for both marriage and the religious life.  Clearly that's a message that not only those young people but the entire world needs to hear.

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  1. Thanks be to God! Thank you for sharing this, the "good news" of the Kingdom of God all need to hear, listen, follow and proclaim day in and day out, in season, or out.


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