Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CCHD And CRS - And Time To Boycott The CCHD Collection Again - Say #no2cchd

My Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block recently published an article entitled "What Is Going On With Catholic Relief Services?"  I urge all to read it, as well as previous blog posts here regarding this entity.  She points out that CRS has a history of providing only real aid to needy people overseas, but has been going astray since it started receiving government funds in 1961 and then it started spouting "community organizing noises" like its CCHD cousin.  So what induced CRS to accept government funds?  I suspect such acceptance was merely par for the course, owing to the fact that CRS, like CCHD, is under the direction of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  There are some who hold out a hope that these two organizations can be reformed.  Not I.  The entire USCCB needs to be tossed into the garbage.  But that is way in the future.  Right now we have another related duty that requires immediate attention.

Right now the federal government is operating under reduced capacity.  While the federal government has shut down many times in the past, never has it shut down under such a petulant man-child like Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  Life could go on as normal were it not for the fact that he and his Minions Most Mindless, particularly those in the Senate, are doing all they can to maximize discomfort to vulnerable people: aged veterans, military families, etc.  All during this, though, folks are beginning to wake up to the fact that Obamacare will be an unprecedented disaster.  But how did Obama get to the position that he currently holds?

In large part, we have the Catholic Campaign for Human Development to thank/blame for this mess.  Over the years, they have diverted millions of dollars (mostly collected during the November collection) to "community organizing" organizations who have in turn helped Obama and other progressives advance their political careers to where they know are in positions to inflict incredible damage.  Think ACORN, Gamaliel Foundation, PICO, etc - just a few of the recipients of Catholic cash.  Put "Catholic Campaign for Human Development" or "CCHD" in this blog's search box for much more information (actually, those phrases are hyperlinks).

Traditionally the CCHD collection was held in November throughout the US.  Because of the well-deserved criticism and the resulting boycotts of the collection, some dioceses have been holding their collections at other times (and even disguising the names, as did the Archdiocese of Washington) to catch us off-guard.  The DC collection was held in August, but was met with our "say #no2cchd" campaign.  Most of the nation's dioceses, however, will still conduct their CCHD collections in November - in other words, next month.  Click on the above link for more information.

Perhaps if the CCHD collection had dried up a few years ago, Obama's career might not have gotten off the ground.  Let's ensure that no other progressive lout derives benefit from our collection dollars.

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