Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Open Letter To The Milwaukee Archbishop Regarding The Parish From Hell Under His Watch

Here's some more info on Good Shepherd "Parish from Hell" Catholic Church.  It is in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI.   Last week this diocese filed for Chapter 11 in an attempt to remedy their financial situation brought on (in large part) by their settlement payments to victims of sex abuse by clergy - Milwaukee clergy, to be precise.  Now hold that thought while we shift focus back to our "parish from hell".

The video from yesterday intimated that there were seventy (70) "ministries".  From their parish website, we see their list of "human concerns ministries".  Please notice the "Gay and Straight in Christ" thing.  They want to "affirm" the gays.  Nowhere do we see that they want to help them leave their perverted and sinful lifestyles.  The latter would be true ministry.  Instead what is happening is that this so-called ministry is accelerating the homosexual Catholics' descent into hell by lulling them into false comfort.  On another note, I fail to detect a pro-life group here.

Minor point!  Only ordained engage in ministry. The service proffered by a lay person is properly called an "apostolate".  Maybe that point is not so minor, as the obfuscation of language may be a deliberated part of blurring the lines between lay and clergy.

Now let's weave some points together.  This archdiocese is paying through the nose because of their out-of-control gay clergy.  Yes, gay!  Over 90% of the victims of Catholic clergy sex abuse are post-pubescent boys.  That means their predators were gay - there ain't no getting around that with politically correct spin.  Is it not reasonable to surmise that these gay priests were emboldened, at least in part, by the so-called "gay ministries" within the parishes, such as that in our Parish from Hell?  The message being communicated is "gay is okay!" so why wouldn't they believe it just hunky-dorry to "affirm their gay-ness" with an attractive young fellow?  The archdiocese greased the skids to their own financial ruin with their gay-acceptance - and they continue to grease the skids to their eternal doom if they don't repent and change course pronto.

Now I post below an open letter to Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, prelate of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  It is below the jump break.

Your Excellency, I write to notify you of most serious anomalies that exist within Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Menomonee Falls. The fact is that none of what I'm about to divulge should be news, as this Church openly boasts of their dissent and disregard for Church rubrics on the video found at  This same video is found at the parish's website at  Let me point out the most outrageous items from the video>

  • In lieu of a pastor who is a priest, they have a "parish director" who is a deacon (narrating the video).  Is that due to a shortage of priests?  More on that later.
  • At 0:43, he states "when you come to liturgy".  Whatever happened to "come to Mass"?
  • At 0:56, he states that "when you enter the worship space, that greeting will continue" as "people talking to each other" is on the video.  He continues with "people talking to each other rather than sitting in silence".  Your Excellency, no doubt this "worship space" is the nave of the church and the Blessed Sacrament is present (even if shunted off to a side alcove).  That means that people are encouraged to run their mouths with complete disregard to the Real Presence.  It is Our Lord Jesus Christ who is to be the sole focus of attention by the priest and congregation; the nave of a church is never the proper venue for socializing.  Even if one were inclined to pray before Mass, the ensuing racket would render prayer difficult if not downright impossible.  In a Catholic Church that is not acceptable.
  • At 1:39 we hear about "audio-visuals".  Since when are screens permitted by the GIRM?
  • At 1:55 we are introduced to a brand-new concept: the Pre-Mass!  Apparently this is when newcomers get up and announce themselves to the congregation.  Your Excellency, there is no provision in the rubrics for this.
  • At 2:25 they boast of having no kneelers!  This is outrageous!  They don't kneel during the Consecration,when the King of kings and Lord of lords becomes present to the congregation?  That is a most sacred moment; to be standing at that time is a profanation of the mystery of the Eucharist!
There are other liturgical abuses mentioned in this video.  Indeed, the deacon seems to glory in these arrogant deviations from the rubrics.  Please watch the whole thing.

Perhaps you are wondering why I and so many others take seriously these grave matters.  Your Excellency, no doubt you are familiar with this Latin phrase: "Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi".   For other online readers, a translation is "the law of praying is the law of believing is the law of living".  With the kind of mutations and distortions to which Holy Mass seems to be subject at that parish, it's no wonder that there is such a dearth of priestly vocations resulting in a priest-less parish.

Now please take notice of the parish's "human concerns ministries" page at  You'll find not a single pro-life apostolate page, BUT you will see something called "gay and straight in Christ".  This group is not a "ministry" by any stretch of the imagination.  They facilitate and applaud the inherently sinful homosexual lifestyles of their members, hastening them on their way to ruin, both in this life and in eternity.  Our Lord Himself said much about "ministries" of this sort, that those who offer such ministries would have been better off had millstones been tied around their neck and they be hurled into the sea.

Bearing the preceding paragraph in mind, is it any wonder that your diocese is facing financial ruin owing to the predator-like conduct of your gay clergy?  If they were exposed to such "gay ministries", especially in their formative years, how could they not be emboldened to indulge their perverted drives and molest young men under their influence?  It is quite reasonable to surmise that "gay ministries" such as that found at Good Shepherd contributed to your dire financial circumstances.  More tragically they led to the ruined lives and eternal damnation for countless homosexuals - and their poisonous influence continues to spread to this day.

The video is online.  I will archive it, should it "mysteriously disappear".  If you didn't know of the sorry state of affairs at Good Shepherd (and I find such ignorance hard to believe), you do now as do all the readers of this letter.  This letter is open and appears on my blog, among the postings for February 21, 2014.  You are the bishop in charge of this church, and you must answer for each and every soul in this parish.  Your corrective action is desperately needed.  Should you fail to act, countless souls will continue to be imperiled by the spiritual rot that is all too evident in the video.  Please take corrective action, and soon.  You are in our prayers.  Thank you.


  1. Well written. My note to the Archbishop was quite brief. Thanks for doing this in such thought out detail, from your words to God's ears so as to open the heart and mind of the Archbishop. Lord have mercy.

    1. Thanks for contacting him.
      Ladies and gentlemen, hopefully many of you are contacting Archbishop Jerome Listecki at . He needs to hear from lots of people to encourage him to do the right thing, to correct the theological and liturgical pigpen that is Good Shepherd Catholic Church.

  2. "The video is online. I will archive it, should it "mysteriously disappear" it did ,if you had a chance to archive please post it

  3. here is a link to a youtube that someone archived

    1. Thanks. I had already noticed the removal and Pat Archibald had already uploaded his to youtube so I just posted his copy.


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