Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Obamacare Exploits Helpless Animals In Shameless Production

Apparently the Richard Simmons wiggling-and-spasm tactic did not produce the desired results for the pimps promoters of Obamacare.  So the college chums of Michelle highly-trained marketing professionals have gone back to the drawing board.  Now they have produced yet another marketing masterpiece (our tax dollars at work).  Oh, yippee!!

Do we sense some desperation here on the part of these lackeys for the Messiah Most Miserable?  Now another burning question must be answered: where was PETA when all these poor animals were being forced to degrade themselves in this nursery-school-mentality flick?

Wanna bet the website is still not up to snuff?  Not to worry - I don't think it'll be crashing due to overload.

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