Wednesday, February 5, 2014

United Nations' Attempt To Bully The Holy See

Two months ago I blogged about Ken Hackett being appointed by Obama as Ambassador to the Vatican - and the subsequent move of the American Embassy out of Vatican City into Rome.  Please re-read these posts and then put them on the back burner.  Some context is needed.

Last week the United Nations' so-called "Committee on the Rights of the Child" issued "Concluding Observations on the Second Periodic Report on the Holy See".   It's both a blatant assault on the autonomy of a sovereign state and shameless bigotry against the Roman Catholic Church.  Read Section IV, paragraphs 12 and 14 for starters.  This Committee might as well be asking the Holy See to become a complete subject of this "committee" (doesn't that have a Soviet-esque stench to it?)

But of course it worsens.  Read paragraph 26, where the Holy See is being asked to work to decriminalize homosexual behavior.  Going on to paragraph 55, this committee "urges" the Church to approve of the child-murder known as abortion.  Gee whiz!  I thought this thing was all about protecting children, not allowing for their full-scale slaughter!  The following two paragraphs could easily have been written by Planned Parenthood, for all their shilling for contraceptives; perhaps they were!

The Holy See is speaking out against the UN's unwarranted meddling.  See this LifesiteNews article.  I must say that I find Archbishop Tomasi's statement to be diffident.  He replied, "The Holy See, cannot certainly give up certain teachings that are part of their deep convictions and also an expression of freedom of religion. These are the values that in the tradition of the Catholic Church sustain the common good of society and therefore cannot be renounced.”  He should have added why they are the Church's teachings.  The are so because they are the teaching of Jesus Christ, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.  Like God Himself, His teachings are immutable.

Consider this situation with what I mentioned in the beginning of this post.  I see a pattern here.  There is clearly an attempt to isolate, marginalize and attack the Catholic Church on all fronts - including the international.  This attack is showing itself to be well-coordinated.

I link now to C-Fam's Declaration in Support of the Holy See at the United Nations.  Not only Catholics but all of good will should sign.  If nothing else, it will demonstrate that we are at least watching and aware.  The real long-term solution would be to scrap the entire UN (Useless Nincompoops) is it has shown itself to be a vehicle for all sorts of progressive plots.  But let's at least stand with the Vatican for now.

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