Friday, February 21, 2014

Personal Immorality Causes Political Ignorance

That is a main theme of today's Vortex; it's shown at the 2:00 mark.  Voris is right.  There is a high correlation between those who are in rebellion against God and His moral teachings and those who are utterly clueless about our society at large - that is, outside the realm of sports, entertainment and creature comforts.  They may not be able to tell you who their two Senators are, but they can tell you (with great enthusiasm) which musician is hooking up with which entertainment personality, etc.  The reason for this is simple; spiritual and moral laxity will bring with it mental flabbiness in just about every other aspect of life.  For many, physical flabbiness and laziness also comes with the package.

This spiritual and intellectual malady is sadly found among those who call themselves members of the Tea Party.  In the Tea Party rallies that I've attended, scant lip-service was paid to God.  The rest of the time was devoted to protesting governmental encroachment upon our lives: a rather short-sighted focus.  In the most recent issue of the Defend Life newsletter appears an article (written by Yours Truly) that deals with this issue as it pertains to the Tea Party; I link to it now and suggest that you read it (scroll to page 17) rather than try to rehash it here.

I've even seen this sickness within the Manhattan Declaration.  In that supposedly seminal document that ostensibly treated all the moral failings of this nation, not one peep was uttered about the pandemonium caused by contraception.  In fact, a word search on that document found not one mention of the word "contraception".  That glaring omission had "conflict of interest" screaming all over it.  Either the authors were themselves dallying with contraception or were too cowardly to confront it among their family and friends.  In any event, the authors and many who signed it literally danced around that elephant in the living room.  And of course, Michael Voris interviewed young attendees at the March for Life and found many of them approving of contraception and "gay marriage".

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