Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Centering Prayer In The Archdiocese Of Washington

In the January 2014 issue of Our Parish Times appeared the article to the left.  St. Elizabeth Church in Rockville, MD  is touting its "centering prayer" program.  I believe the term "centering prayer" is an oxymoron.  In reality, it's new-age spiritual poison, having roots in Hinduism.  Notice this sentence in the article: "Meditation in centering prayer is done with a much more conscious effort at letting go of our control over our thoughts..".  This is absolutely dangerous, for it leaves the human mind open to all sorts of influences, including those of diabolic origin.

Catholic Culture puts forth an excellent treatment of this practice, detailing its roots in eastern cults and its de facto idolization of man in opposition to God.

As you read this article, it becomes clear that the author is woefully ignorant of the spiritual dangers of "centering prayer".  At least I hope it's just a case of mere ignorance, as opposed to flat out defiance of the Magisterium.  I do find myself bemused that this article would see the light of day.  The publishers of Our Parish Times have in the past been involved in "rescues" at local abortion mills; how they could be so blithely allow this to be published is beyond me.

I've seen this "centering prayer" in the bulletins of other parishes, as well but can't recall which ones.  As I learn of these I will post.  Concerned Catholics are urged to alert their pastors to this menace.  Please keep this blog posted as well, and advise us if your concerns fall on deaf ears.

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