Saturday, February 15, 2014

More On Ruse's Lapse Of Judgment

Yesterday's post was not the first occasion in which I commented on a bone-headed position assumed by Austin Ruse.  In June 2013 Father Marcel Guarnizo wrote a piece that took issue with another lapse of judgment on the part of Ruse.  On that occasion Ruse took issue with the pro-life community in Ireland, and again he shilled for imagined political expediency over true Catholic pro-life principles.  I need not rehash my earlier writing; rather, I suggest you read that earlier post and the associated linked articles.

My friend and colleague at Les Femmes penned a piece similar to mine from yesterday.  However, she herself is a Virginian and brings to bear some important facts.  It appears that this push for contraceptives is not the first time that Barbara Comstock has run afoul of moral principles.  Again, I'm not going to rehash already-written material.  Please go to Mary Ann's post and read it.

From what she wrote, I gather that there is a more principled candidate running for US Congress in VA's 10th congressional district - Bob Marshall.  Mary Ann endorses him and I defer to her opinion.  Why Ruse endorses Comstock over Marshall escapes me.  Well, maybe not.  I fear that Ruse has made an idol out of political expediency, or simply wants to get in good with the RINO establishment.  Whatever the reason, that's two significant errors of judgment on Ruse's part.


  1. Actually, the postion I took at the time was with a minority of pro-lifers in Ireland, that is, those who opposed the amendment. the position I took later was that my earlier position was mistaken. By the way, the earlier position was held by a majority of prolife leaders and followers in Ireland, also supported by the Irish Bishops. It was a small minority, mostly of foreigners, who opposed the amendment.

    If I am boneheaded then so is the pro-life movemnet in Ireland.


    Austin Ruse

  2. You were involved in that disastrous outcome too?

    Truth can't be found in the majority, even among 'prolifers', many of whom dissent on Church teaching on contraception and human sexuality.

    Truth is found in the teachings of the Church. Comstock's convictions are beyond scandalous.

    You're not in the game for salvation of souls which takes supremacy over the 'body count' and you are doing damage to that supreme mission.


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