Sunday, February 9, 2014

On Christianity, Socialism And Communism

On February 5, Father Marcel Guarnizo's article, On Christianity, Socialism and Communism was published by Hot Air.  If you haven't read it yet, please do so asap.  He refutes the errors of socialism and communism, with detailed and rigorous use of Christian teachings on human nature, inherent rights of man and economics.  He echoes what all the modern popes, from Pius IX onwards, have said in their various encyclicals regarding these evils.

Since then, Father has done two internet-radio interviews:
  1. The Ed Morrissey Show on Feb 7
  2. Forward Boldly with Christine Le Niles on February 8
I strongly suggest that you listen to them both.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have mid-term elections coming up this November.  In Maryland, we will be electing every office from the governor on down.  The matters broached by Father Guarnizo must be considered and understood by us all, and by all those whom we know.  We know our chanceries won't touch on these matters; certainly the DC chancery will do all it can to ignore this - if not oppose it outright.  Please share this post, blog it yourselves, use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, websites, email, etc.  Whatever the means, please spread this far and wide.

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