Friday, February 14, 2014

Feast Of St Valentine - Profaned By Planned Parenthood

St. Valentine was a third-century priest who actively assisted Christian martyrs.  He was eventually apprehended by emperor Claudius II.  Attempts were made, by torture, to induce him to renounce his faith.  These attempts were unsuccessful and he was beheaded.

Today this feast is commonly known as "Valentine's Day", with the "Saint" prefix being omitted.  That word is crucial to understanding that this saint died a martyr because he lived for Jesus Christ, as we all must.  Such was the case when I was growing up.  It had been reduced to a day celebrating romantic love, with heart-shaped cards and chocolates.  We thought that was profane as it was.

But then Planned Parenthood came along and lowered it a notch or two.  No doubt they sense that a lot of romantic fervor will bubble over on this day, leading to lots of blood money flowing into their coffers within the next few months.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood, is ready with her message of death.

Never mind that, as Planned Parenthood's CEO, her bank account will be inflated by the murders of the babies brought to the Planned Parenthood Slaughter Houses.

But Planned Parenthood is also into contraceptives.  What better way to bolster that department than the use of this piece of crap tasteful advertisement?

What?  Did you think there might be a ring or other jewelry in that box?  Silly you!  Why, doesn't the above ad depict every woman's dream?  Or maybe nightmare?  By the way, my fellow Maryland citizens!  Look closely at the ad!  This is the brain-fart inspiration of Planned Parenthood of Maryland!  Doesn't that do us all proud?

And to think they're getting millions of our tax dollars - to put out trash like that and to murder babies.  We can stop this by voting wisely this November and in 2016.  And no, sitting out this election is not a wise move, but that will be its own future blog post.

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