Thursday, February 27, 2014

Why We WILL Continue The #Cookiecott Against The Girl Scouts

This Breitbart News article summarizes nicely the reasons why the Girl Scouts, once a mainstay of decency for young girls, is now inimical to their spiritual, mental and physical well-being.  Years ago, they dropped the oath to God as an integral part of their oath.  Now they hold pro-abortion women up as role models and collaborate with Planned Parenthood.

A number of Christian and pro-life leaders realized that they must be opposed and suggested that their cookie sales be boycotted.  Truth be told, I was always rather annoyed that these sales occurred during Lent so I never partook in them.  Still I am happy to support this boycott, that is now bearing the hashtag #cookiecott.

That same article also makes plain that the #cookiecott is having an effect.  Girl Scout CEO Anna Maria Chavez posted a youtube video to deny all charges.  The article cites facts to explain why Chavez is mistaken - if not lying through her teeth.

But, if you really need one more reason to #cookiecott the cookie sales, here it is!  Five months ago, the Girl Scouts created a brand new position - Chief Girl Experience Officer!  And what outstanding candidate did they hire for this key position?  Her name is Ashley Kokjohn.  She is an out-and-proud lesbian who considers herself "married" to her partner in perversion.

Let's ponder this, shall we?  The Girl Scouts create a brand new position!  Got that?  Now who do they choose for the first person ever to hold this brand new position?  A flamboyant lesbian!  There was no way the Girl Scout directors could not have known about her perversion.  Did they care?  More importantly, was Kokjohn's predilection a reason that they hired her??  Now think of the title - Girl Experience Officer!  Just what kind of "girl experiences" does this woman have in mind for the unsuspecting charges over whom she'll wield considerable influence?  Probably that is a sort of question for which the answer is all too obvious.

Let the #cookiecott continue against this once-decent organization, for it has now devolved into a brainwashing racket to twist young girls into atheistic progressives.  If your daughters are in the Girl Scouts, pull them out while there is still time to prevent damage.

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